The Platform

Lower Sewer Rates


“Residents are paying ridiculously high sewer rates as high as $112 per month and this has to be taken under control. “ Crockett has several ideas on how to address this very serious issue in both Jefferson and Shelby Counties.

Improvements to Highways 280, 459 and I-20

 “We need a State Representative who will fight for improvements to Highways 280, 459, and 20. Residents spend too much of their valuable time in traffic bottlenecks, some kids can easily spend two hours a day on buses and in cars to and from various schools”, said Crockett. 

A State Representative who will get things done

“ I have a proven record of solving problems,” said Crockett, referring to earlier terms on the Shelby County Commission. “I know how to negotiate and I know how to bring our tax dollars back home.” 

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